Rover Metro GTi : 1993

1993 Rover Metro

The 1993 Rover Metro GTi 16-valve Catalyst started at £9,995 but entry level Metros were as low as £5,995. The GTi’s K-series engine developed 95HP.

1993 Rover Metro GTi

Rover 3500 : 1980

1980 Rover 3500 (SD1)

Rover SD1 is both the code name and eventual production name given to a series of large executive cars built by British Leyland (BL), under the Rover marque. The car was produced from 1976–1986 and 303,345 produced in total.m In 1971, Rover began developing a new car, and the project was first code-named RT1 (for Rover Triumph Number 1) but then soon changed to SD1 (for Specialist Division Number 1) as Rover and Triumph were put in the new “Specialist Division” of BL. It was launched on its home market in June 1976 in liftback form only. Between 1976 and 1981 there were some very minor updates to the car including new badging (front and rear) and chrome backed door mirrors. In 1980 Rover obtained US type approval for the SD1 and re-entered the American market after a ten-year absence. The car was only made available as a single variant, using a modified version of the V8 engine and badged simply as “Rover 3500” as you can see in this 1980 Rover 3500.

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1980 Rover 3500